Proudly offering specialized power plant services to protect our customers' most important assets

Our clients in power and nuclear are always searching for ways to boost the efficiency of their operations. Our partnership with SAE-AN allows us to connect clients with services from nuclear plant maintenance to calibration services, and everything in between.

SAE-AN Engineering Corporation is a Korean company with expertise in nuclear power. Our clients receive services including nuclear fuel integrity, pre-service and in-service inspection of major equipment, calibration services for radiation measuring equipment, nondestructive examination, and maintenance of nuclear plants.

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Fuel Integrity.jpg

Nuclear fuel integrity

Pre-inpection and In-service Inpec-.jpg

Pre-service and in-service inspection of major equipment

Calibration Services.jpg

Calibration services for radiation measuring equipment 

Nondestructive Examination.jpg

Nondestructive examination

Maintenance of Nuclear Plants.jpg

Maintenance of nuclear plants