About GTCA

About GTCA

About GTCA

GTCA was formed in 2015, drawing on our team’s long-standing presence in the UAE and a portfolio of well-established technology providers, with heritage leading back to over 40 years in the Energy industry. Today, we are a trading and commercial representation business, with unparalleled insight into the UAE’s energy industry.

Our mission , your vision

Our mission is to give the best global tech and service companies access to a dynamic region, ambitious projects, and strategic alliances to build a brighter future for the energy sector.

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We’ve built ourselves up from a foundation of strong core values. We commit ourselves to fostering collaboration, commitment, trust, intelligence, and a strong dynamic within each connection we establish.

What we do

We partner with world-leading brands to deliver added value to our local customers and help them secure success in the future. Today, we proudly represent the global brands WEG from Brazil, ILJIN ELECTRIC from Korea, and SAE-AN Engineering from Korea.


We help you do better


Intelligent strategy, dynamic outcomes

How we do it

As commercial service providers, we connect clients in local markets to cutting-edge technology companies to create strategic alliances and generate success in the energy sector. Our strategic and innovative approach helps us deliver competitive responses to today’s energy sector challenges.

How we do it

We harness our local industry knowledge and status as professional relations and commercial representatives to bring in the right companies where and when they’re needed most. Through this approach, international companies tap into local opportunities and build strategic connections. Local industries benefit as well, tackling challenges by accessing the latest technology and resources in the energy sector.

The GTCA difference

We work closely with our partners, to strategize solutions for any product need, spanning the UAE's entire energy sector, helping them secure a firm presence in the UAE.

A culture of collaboration

building long-term relationships

Decades of experience

matching challenges with competitive solutions

Unrivaled coverage

offering intelligent solutions across the energy sector

360-degree insights

spanning the entire energy sector


We’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent. If you’re up for a new challenge, learn more about opportunities to join our dedicated team.